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Cable Display Systems

Q. How many cables should I use to hang my art?

A. Going to two suspension cables depends on two factors.

  • If the object is heavier than the weight specification of the cable, use two cables to double the capacity.
  • If the object wider than 24" to 30", you may appreciate using two suspension cables. It becomes easier to level larger pieces using two cables. 
  • Adding a third cable does not increase the capacity any more than two cables.

One cable or two?

Q. How do I select the quantity of hardware need to hang art in my space?

  • First measure the wall length(s).
  • Measure the ceiling height. Most people want the track as high on the wall as possible. Exceptions may be if the ceiling height is over 12ft. Keep in mind that you will need to get up to the track to adjust the cables left and right or to install and remove cables. If the track is installed above 12ft, you will need to get out the big ladder. The typical user doesn't hang art below 5ft high. Take the track height and deduct 5ft and you have your cable length. Keep in mind you can always hide extra cable behind the art but too short is just too short.
  • Determine how many pieces you want to hang. I know this is a tough question as the quantity will change for each showing but we need a baseline to start with. We see an average of one piece per 3ft to 4ft of track. Some exhibit more art and some less, so adjust as needed.
  • Now you have the number of pieces of art; next step determine if you are using a single cable or double cables. Add more hooks to allow stacking of art.
  • Keep in mind you can always order more cables and hooks later.
  • Give us a buzz or drop an e-mail and we will put together a quote.

Q. Can I hang one picture above another?

A. Yes, just slide on another hook to the cable. So long as the combined weight of the two pictures does not exceed the strength of the cable then stack away.

Stacked Art

Q. I don't see a way to order online; is that an option?

A. Not at this time. Give us a buzz or drop an e-mail. We find that most people have questions on product selection and need a hand. Better to get it right the first time than deal with returns. Maybe this is an old fashioned way to do things but sometimes old fashioned is nice.

Q. How do I hide the extra cable that sticks out the bottom of the art?

A. Coil the cable below the adjustable hook into a 3 to 4 inch circle and wrap the cable around itself while doing so. This will keep the cable coiled behind the art and not kink the cable.

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