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How Cable Grippers Work

Cable grippers work by using three ball bearings inside of a tapered cone. The cable is inserted into the device moving the three ball bearings aside. An internal spring sets the bearings against the cable. The specific weave of 7x7 cable will pull the bearings up into the cone and lock them onto the cable. The greater the load the stronger the bearings grab the cable. To release the grip on the cable, there is a release pin at the top of the cable gripper. Take the load off the cable gripper and push the release pin down with your finger nail. The cable gripper will slide freely up or down the cable. Where you leave it, it secures into place. 

Infinitely adjustable displays without tools. Changing artwork placement without a hammer or nail or changing shelf height without tools. Cable grippers offer great flexibility.

The Fine Print

Cable grippers are designed to work best with 7x7 weave cable. All cable provided by Halsey Display meets this specification.

Always treat the ends of cut cable so it does not fray. The cable ends can be soldered or glued. Soldering cable is a stronger fix and is recommended if the cable grippers are going to be taken on or off the cable multiple times. If the display is more static, then using super glue is usually a good fix. All cables supplied by Halsey Display are pre-treated to help prevent fraying. 

The cable must enter the cable gripper in line with the axis of the gripper body. If you need an  angle then select a gripper that will pivot. 

All weight load specifications are based on static loads. Active loads or shock loads are not accounted for nor is it recommend for use in such applications. All products are for indoor use in non chemical laden environments, i.e. swimming pools, composting facilities, barns, etc. Avoid locations where HVAC currents my allow the suspended object to oscillate, spin or twist. 

Always use caution when attaching the cable gripper to support materials. Use adequate length fasteners for expected loads plus appropriate safety margins. Additional blocking (support structure) may be needed for some applications. Some support materials may not support the full maximum working load of the cable gripper and so the safe working load is limited by the support material.

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