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#PMH12/15 Picture Moulding Hook

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The PMH is commonly used in homes and buildings with historic wood picture rail moulding. Usually seen in construction of homes from 1900-1950. Use your picture rail the way it was designed but with high strength stainless steel cables. The PMH is zinc plated and slips over the moulding. A looped cable fits over the other end of the PMH. Use with either 3/64" (1.2MM) or 1/16" (1.5MM) cable. Adding the CG12/15-HK adjustable hook will allow you to hang artwork without making holes in your plaster walls.

Cable Grippers for Hanging Art

CG12-15-HK 600x450.jpg

Halsey Display cable grippers allow for easy height adjustments on the suspension cable. The grippers slide up and down the cable and self lock onto the cable where they are left. Push the release pin at the top of the gripper to re-adjust. See the most common grippers for hanging art here.

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